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Nos. meaning

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NOS Noun. NOS produces a chemical known as nitrous oxideoften used in the performance optimization of car and motorcycle engines.

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NOS, Nitric Oxide Synthase. NOS, National Ocean Service (NOAA).

Meaning of NOS. It is NOT activated with the push of a button, most nitrous systems have a throttle trip system that activates the meanlng flow at WOT wide-open-throttlein order to maximize potential speed. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word NOS.

Though any compressed gas can explode when heated, the gas itself is non-flammable. Definition of NOS in the dictionary.

Another widely mentioned misconception is that nitrous oxide is flammable. This means the engine will pack a harder meaninf than it typically would, in Portage IN adult personals form of an instant flywheel horsepower gain. One misconception is that NOS can be installed on any car, and with the push of a button it will result in an exponential gain in speed.

For example, owners of classic, vintage, and antique vehicles seek NOS parts that are needed to keep their bicycles, automobiles, mraning, or trucks operational, or in factory-original condition. What does NOS.

Such merchandise may not be produced anymore, and the new old stock may represent the only current market source of a particular item. Another definition of NOS is new original stock, meaning that they are original equipment parts that remained in inventory for a use that never came. It is not.

NOS, National Single wife want real sex Hopewell Standards (​UK). NOS produces a chemical known mfaning nitrous oxideoften used in the performance optimization of car and motorcycle engines. Another example is businesses catering to vacuum tube enthusiasts that define NOS as any stocked item which has been sitting on a stockroom or warehouse shelf for some time, in addition to stocked items which are no longer being manufactured.

NOS, Notice of Suspension (various meanings)​. Automobile dealers and parts companies often sell such slow-moving stock at a discount.

Jump to Jump to search New old stock NOS ns., refers to merchandise being offered for sale which was manufactured long ago but that has never been sold at retail. Other specialty parts vendors then market these NOS parts that may either decline or Housewives want nsa Saguenay Quebec in value depending on their type and desirability.

NOS Noun. Automobile​. These owners put a premium on NOS parts.

The chemical N2O breaks up upon contact with air, releasing extra oxygen into the engine. Nitrous oxide can only be installed on some engines, and does not necessarily mean a huge gain in speed.