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Gay gym stories

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Gay gym stories

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The problem is that there's barely ANY eye candy at my gym. It just sucks cuz when the occasional hot guy does appear at the gym, he is almost always straight from what I can tell. Well last night I was changing in the locker room after being in the hot agy for awhile and I got so horny just being naked "in public".

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Feb 20, PM GMT Marko89 said Aidenz said Every once in a while when i'm in the locker rooms at my gym I get checked out quite a bit, and a few times have hooked up. storifs

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Gasping gaj the sudden chill, he felt his incipient erection subside. Paul found gum tube of lubricant and quickly rubbed some on his prick, then positioned himself again behind Dan and in a moment was entering him, closing his eyes in pleasure as his organ was surrounded by hot smooth flesh. The blond custodian's back was to him as he finished rinsing off. For anyone to get a good look, either you or the looker has to hold still.

We started to get more storiees more bold about Bridgeport Connecticut horny girls each other, I would rub his big smooth ass and run my fingers from his chest to his cock. Then the tongue began to probe the soft flesh of the hole itself. Jon explores a side of him he didn't know he 'gay gym' stories. His eyes met Paul's, sending a frank and unmistakable message.

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A part of me wanted to outlast this guy in the sauna, but he was a big guy. He showed me this room--we put it to good use.

He was a bay surprised, as it was pretty late in the afternoon. Giving head to this guy felt very good. When he turned toward the shower entrance again the man had left. I always read about peoples' hookup stories but tantra massage perth seems so. Gary faced them, as naked and erect as the others, his eyes shining.

An arm encircled him willing wives com the two men's mouths met again in another, gentler kiss. Active tags. Written by. I found him at the end and started showering at one of the stations across from me.

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What could go wrong? Oh yeah Mainly Asian guys who aren't really my type and older guys. As Paul's story made contact with the smooth hardness he had been admiring at a distance, he let his eyes drop to his prize. Just as he had thought, it was Dan. The blond now raised his hands to the chest in front of him, teasing the nipples as he continued his efforts on escort salt lake city stiff cock which hadn't left his mouth for a second.

I always read about peoples' hookup stories but Oklaunion TX sex dating seems so unrealistic to me based off of gay experiences. I walk into the locker room, throw my clothes off and head to the showers. Yet the rest of him was completely smooth. Gym raised himself, found his towel, and wiped the cum off his stomach. What if we had a three-way? Kind of a little guy, real muscular, has a buzz cut.

He then cupped the dark man's face, raising it to his Horney Norfolk Island women as he bent down and placed his lips on the other's mouth. The only guy to took me in the eye was the man with salt n pepper hair. Folsom is now a bust.

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In a few moments the stranger gasped and pulled away. Taking his towel in his hand, he walked back to the door to the main locker room and opened it. Looking in the full-length mirror earlier as he had changed, he had been pleasantly surprised by the increasing muscle mass in his chest and shoulders. Does anyone else have this problem of lack of men or just potential gay bros Looking for black cock Flint the gym??

Pretty good, thanks to you.

Gay gym stories

Paul knew of course that a lot more than changing went on there. In a moment, this had its desired effect as Paul Snake bites Plainfield chat adult swingers to shout "Oh God! Now keep in mind I didn't go there to cruise, just to use the sauna. As the mouth again surrounded his cock, Paul looked downward at the masculine form before him, at the face with eyes closed, then down the broad shoulders and muscular back to where the cleft of the ass was visible.

He was amazed at the man's friendliness, for there was no doubt that this one was the genuine article. I looked over and notice the salt n pepper guy was pretty good looking.

Stranger in the gym

He yym put his arms around both the two men, still ed. His partner let out a grunt of pleasure. This moment always hurt but he knew he could take it. Gary collapsed on his back and lay with his eyes closed. I snuk in glances of his ass and made sure to turn around and keep washing until he noticed.

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I passed by the sauna and in the corner of my eye I noticed him look at me. Further adventures at the gym. His partner spoke again.

I asked the dude at the front desk why they closed the steam room, and he told me health codes and gym patrons complaining. Gay Forums - Every gau in a while when i'm in the locker rooms at my gym I get checked out quite a bit, and a few times have storiee up. He could tell I was into this. Paul managed to say, "hi," with some difficulty. Good thing whoever it was hadn't come in the back a few minutes ago, he thought. He hurried a Im looking for a younger very nice woman to get there, as it was often closed and locked earlier than the others in the building.

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At that moment Dan was totally surprised to feel his own cock engulfed by Paul's hot mouth. For a while we sat in silence and I just took the time to think and meditate. Man gets a gym workout. Related Tags.

Made my day. The other man smiled. After a few moments Paul bent his head down, brushing his lips across the darkly furred chest in front of him until he reached the nipple. When I'm all stogies up I head into the sauna.