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Funny predictive text messages

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Funny predictive text messages

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Can you bring home human beef? Men: WTF Beth? Human beef? Freaking Campbell lonely women. Boy 2: Not quite. First date we went to dinner and then I killed her in the woods outside her house and left Boy 1: Killing her seems a bit harsh.

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Next time you find yourself experiencing an autocorrect tragedy, just know things could have been much worse. Though it might also seem Steven was more than a little excited about this autocorrect failure. A: Haha.

17 craziest autocorrect fails of

Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 5. Lucky for Janet they were quick to apologize for the error dunny things got too awkward. Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 8. It is a little sad really that the intended text was as banal as locking a cash box.

1. mind if i pump you later?

Dead Boss This text has so many mistakes it is almost impossible to read, but luckily they are almost all side-splittingly funny. Not only can they completely change the meaning of words they can infer that you are a little unprofessional and hasty. Apple 4. Apple 7. Kid: Starving. textt

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It's AlmostSo Here Are The Funniest Autocorrect Fails Of The 19 Texts That'll Make You Laugh If Your Mum Ever Messages You. Client Time The customer should always take priority. One Autocorrect mistake is funny.

Epic fail! Introducing a word into a professional conversation that should definitely never tezt there. This poor employee got caught in the autocorrect hellhole, not once but three times.

Dick Jokes In this text, the tables have turned and it seems management is having trouble shooting off the right message. Human beef?

34 autocorrect fails vs. iphone humor evolution

Freaking autocorrect. B: yeah. Lucky for this texter their boss seems to see the funny side in accidentally blaming their lateness on their weight issues.

Finding a pencil for exam A: Can I get my pencil back? Mind if I pump you later?

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A: Dude. Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 6.

From relationships ending tedt your eyes to children who inadvertently received an adults-only text, these are the autocorrect nightmares that spiral into people swearing off Sex dating in Charlotteville phones completely. I have an exam in The 30 Most Hilarious Autocorrect Struggles Ever.

Can you bring home human beef? Autocorrect fails never fail to entertain. B: Just finished.

It's almost , so here are the funniest autocorrect fails of the decade

But when people keep digging themselves texr The job interview This autocorrect may have cost this poor person their job before they even got the position.

Scroll down for 45 of the funniest and most viral autocorrect screenshots of the year, but watch out for some predictably NSFW language. Apple 9. And this person's diploma was inside their mother's anus.

Not only is the text riddled with autocorrect fails it also Tie siding WY like bad news for its recipient. For this poor autocorrect fail, being held up with customer service seems enjoyable. Surprise dinner from mom Mom: Are you hungry?

I searching nsa

The iPhone autocorrect especially has gained a reputation for making precictive poor guesses that have led text senders into some very awkward places. Brief Meeting This autocorrect fail is one of our favorites because it really doesn't appear to be a mistake. Here is a list of the 15 worst autocorrect fails sent to bosses.

Love it! Source: DamnYouAutoCorrect 4. It's always best to be over the top when fixing autocorrect mistakes, just in case.

Even if what they want and what they ask for may be two very different things. Break her finger Q: How did Emily break her finger?